The Pearl Foundation is a group of lawyers and other scholars with an intention of helping to contribute to building of a culture that promotes and provides social-economic rights and development by the people themselves not waiting or fighting against the government.

Its emphasis is on a rigorous mission to promote and advocate for an Education system that affirms the value of skills diversity right from the young age from primary five to University level; And also, an education system that can direct all scholars at all levels into a creative confrontation with the world before or after school with the power and confidence to create jobs or find jobs;

An education system that enhances Creativity, (2) Competitiveness, (3) Innovation (4) Invention (5) Enterprise Development, thus resulting into a society with increased number of youth and adults with relevant and enhanced technical, science, Agriculture and vocational skills for improved workmanship, employment creation and entrepreneurship.


Providing an equitable alternative to Law students who fail LDC pre-entry Exam to find employment in the legal sector: Reducing the psychological, emotional, and moral trauma the failure victims experience and make them GOOD ENOUGH to undertake to work in lower capacities in the legal sector.


Bridging the widening law graduates-employment gap after failing LDC pre-entry exam: harnessing the power, confidence and potential of the students, faculty staff and the members of the legal fraternity themselves to create an alternative for the pre-entry exam failure victims to find employment in the legal sector

Pearl Foundation Requests Law Society members to mentor students who undertake to study Law at the University through contracts of apprenticeship to help them acquire holistic package of complementary and transferable legal hands on skills so as to give them a pathway that directs them into a creative confrontation with the world with power and confidence to find or create jobs in the legal sector after failing LDC pre-entry exams


1. It will help them increase the opportunities for connections to employers for employment after failing LDC pre-entry exams.

2. It helps them to conduct market assessment to identify opportunities for employment or self-employment in the legal sector.

3. It helps them to bridge the widening fresh law graduates-potential employers' gap.

4. It will create a setting where it’s all right to feel again, believe again and hope again in an environment of safe warm acceptance, trusted confidentiality and employers’ fresh graduates’ empathy and acquittance.

5. The Holiday Placement will reduce the emotional, psychological trauma of lawyers suffer after failing LDC pre-entry exams.

6. It will help to acquire practical legal skills through mentorship which will make lawyers “GOOD ENOUGH” to work in lower capacities. The "GOOD ENOUGH" principal is an equitable just and fair principal that states that not everyone who fails is a fool or unable and that everyone is good enough if given a chance.

CRITIQUE OF UNIVERSITIES’ TRAINING STYLE OF LAW STUDENTS: The Pearl Foundation is critical of Universities' training system of Lawyers which we believe that emphasizes learning, thinking, emotional and intellectual needs and experience of individuals for a long period of time and money yet with very little impact with the way they leave after graduation.

The Pearl Foundation believes that this training concentrates on a rational approach, intellectual needs and experience without putting into account of the whole person; aimed at the head, the heart, the hands and the feet. --- satisfying the emotional, psychological, moral, intellectual and future financial needs of individuals, thus giving them power and confidence to find or create a job and gives them a pathway that directs them into a creative confrontation with the world where they can understand and be understood, hope again, believe again and feel again after failing the LDC pre-entry exam.

CRITIQUE OF THE LDC PRE-ENTRY EXAM: Since LDC is the only one government institution that provides a bar-course training for a postgraduate diploma in legal practice which is a pre-requisite for lawyers to enroll as advocates in Uganda;

1. Pearl Foundation views the pre-entry exams as an obstacle and hinderance intending to block the lawyers from seamlessly enjoying their right to become advocates however without fighting against the LDC pre-entry exam policy and seeking to complement it with the Holiday Placement Programme which will help to equip the law students with transferable, complementary practical hands on legal skills, that can give them an alternative to find or create jobs themselves thus giving them power and sustainable tools to transcend above the above obstacle.

2. Together we can build and provide a just and equitable education and training style in which all law students are able to study with safety, equity, dignity and are given power and confidence to create and find the job.

3. However, this will require conversion and an education vision that affirms and celebrates the values of practical legal hands-on skills diversity.

JUSTIFICATION FOR SKILLS DIVERSITY: It's a philosophy a forward-leaning culture of diversifying of practical legal hands-on skills and experience workmanship with minds-on skills that invites competence, invention, innovation, competitiveness, enterprise development, dreaming and thinking big and differently to realize one’s potential and labor market value and direct them into a direct creative confrontation with the world after Graduation thus giving the law students the power and confidence to find or create jobs.

In conclusion therefore, Pearl acknowledges that the costs and time of achieving skills diversity are dauting but the benefits far outweigh them all.