1) To Pearl Foundation, the fullness of the Christian faith ";baptizes both the individual and the environment"; The church should not only be concerned with either the individual or social salvation but with both simultaneously. The good news of God's reign impels the Christian community, as God’s word-made-flesh in the here and now, to recognize itself as the extension of God's love to the world.

2) The church must respond to human immediate spiritual hunger and immediate needs, but also teach them to take responsibility for themselves. Christ's good news calls the Church to nothing less than healing the broken world.

3) The Pearl Foundation is therefore called to partner with the churches to provide the leadership to awaken the national conscience to begin to acknowledge the deep longing for a different kind of world that still lies buried in the human heart. This will create a setting where "it is alright to feel again, to believe again, to hope again."This requires conversion to a vision that affirms the value of our diversity as Ugandans.

4) Our intention is to educate the masses across the country through the church leaders. Our mission in churches means that the congregation's involvement does not end with the conclusion of the Sunday services; rather we empower them to address the enormous needs of the community at a time of a great social conflict and misery. The congregation must understand the rhythm of gathering and scattering with a vision of "coming to worship to go out to serve."

5) This will emphasize worship which has great effect on the way people live by concentrating on a rational approach to God taking into account of the whole person. Pearl advocates worship aimed at the "head, the hands, heart, and the feet" Satisfying both the emotional and intellectual need for God and also directing worshipers into a creative confrontation with the world.

6) Churches congregate every Sunday in mammoth crowds which makes the Pearl able to administer to a large group of people in one place over a long time.

7) The relationship that exists between the pastor and the congregation is so strong that they can easily be transformed by his calling and this drives us to advance social change through improving the education system by the people themselves other than fighting the government through the Church.

8) Only as we remember that the responsibility to improve the quality of education, reduce unemployment and poverty to advance social change lies with us the individuals and not government, shall the poverty, unemployment and all other social miseries and conflicts and their grip on our lives be loosened and called history;---- "unless we become the change we wish to see in the world, no change is ever going to take place"----Mahatma Gandhi.

9) Pearl's mission in the church is to allow the positive within the masses to emerge and be dominated by love, respect, understanding, appreciation and concern for others other than the self-centered, selfish, and aggressive attitudes that dominate people's thinking----- This notion is very destructive to development.